12 Songs for Saying “I’m Sorry”-MainPhoto

i'm sorry songs

UPDATED April 18th, 2018

National Reconciliation Day actually exists (April 2nd). It originated in post-Apartheid South Africa, as a way of cementing bonds between black and white South Africans and closing the door on the ugly period of racial segregation known as Apartheid. Today, National Reconciliation Day is a worldwide opportunity to mend fences, bury hatchets and move on with love, friendship and forgiveness.


When you owe someone an apology, saying you’re sorry is the first step towards reconciliation. Not only does it improve your relationships and make the other person feel better, but saying you’re sorry helps you feel better, too. Still, it’s not always so easy to say I’m sorry. That’s why we’ve come up with this great list of the all time best I’m sorry songs. If you can’t bring yourself to utter the words, you can at least say it with a song!