11 Examples of Hip Hop Lyrics that Read Like Poems-SliderPhoto

11 Hip-Hop Lyrics that Read Like Poetry

UPDATED June 17th, 2017 While entertainment and mainstream media often focuses on the negative and sensationalist aspects of hip-hop, this genre of of music offers powerful and sometimes chilling lyrics. A recent article by Paul Cantor in…
10 Beatles Songs that are Perfect for Kids-SliderPhoto

10 Beatles Songs That are Perfect for Kids

UPDATED June 17th, 2017 On May 8, 1970, the Beatles released their last studio album, Let It Be. It was the end of the Beatles as a group, the end of the First British Invasion Era and, some would say, the end of Rock-n-Roll as a musical…

Sound Therapy: 10 Reasons Why You Should Experience a Sound Bath

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Although a sound bath does not require any water, it does require a want for the ultimate relaxation. This trendy therapeutic practice is a form of meditation, facilitated by an environment with chimes, gongs, chanting, and musical bowls.…

Pregnancy Headphones Upgrade: The Fetal Sound System

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Pregnancy headphones have just been taken to a whole new level. Vaginal speakers are now a thing that you can buy for a little over $100. So say goodbye to BellyBuds and hello to Babypod! It's been referred to as a "musical tampon" because…

Your Go-To Reggaeton Music Workout Playlist

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Take your workout from so-so to sweaty with some hip-shaking Reggaeton music. There's nothing like tunes that make you want to dance for getting revved and pushing yourself to go the extra mile. Reggaeton has the perfect upbeat party vibe…

6 Reasons We’re Obsessed with Emily Marie Consuelo’s New Track

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Raise your hand if you know who Emily Marie Consuelo is. If you were around in the 80s and 90s then chances are you know and love Gloria Estefan. I mean, with hits like Turn the Beat Around, Rhythm is Gonna Get You and Everlasting Love, plus…

Sonic Reflection: 10 Albums on Justice Music to Hear on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

On this Martin Luther King Jr. Day, when we reflect on the great, late, slain Civil Rights leader, let’s pair it with justice music and peace songs in his honor. Born on January 15, 1929, he was the movement’s most important figure who,…

9 Musicians We Can’t Wait to Hear from Again

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In the wonderful world of music, some artists come, some artists go, new artists emerge and favorite musicians take a hiatus, much to our disappointment. And as we ring in the New Year, it’s time to consider the musical artists we miss,…

The Best Workout Songs of 2015

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Raise your hands if you’re ready for our top workout songs breakdown! As the year comes to a close and you prepare for the New Year ahead, inevitably you start to see lots of year in review lists and commentary on how 2015 went down. You…