6 Gazpacho Recipes Even Your Kids Will Like

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Did someone say cold soup? This may have your child running to the microwave or on a frenzied hunt for a better option. But no matter how you slice it, when temperatures soar outside, a cold soup is a refreshing and nutritious way to cool…

20 Tips on Combining Food that Will Help You Lose Weight

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Trophology is a whole science relating to combining specific foods for optimal health and weight-loss. It’s the art of knowing which foods go best with which others. The goal is to ensure full digestion (instead of letting foods sit and…

20 Facts to Know About Nature’s Super Fruit—Blueberries!

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There’s a good kind of blues—blueberries! One of the only fruits native to North America, for centuries blueberries were used by Native Americans for food, medicine and dye for clothing. This super fruit contains some of the highest levels…
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12 Summer Dessert Ideas that Won’t Tip the Scale

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Ahhh yes. It’s time for warmer weather, more sunshine and a chance to make some social-media-worthy memories with your friends and family. Fresh picked strawberries, ripe melons and juicy watermelons are just a few of the healthy, seasonal…
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The Big 10: Which Vitamin Supplements Should You Really Take?

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There’s a lot of mixed information out there about whether vitamin supplements are really necessary, or if you should rely on the food you eat to fill your nutritional needs. Of course, vitamin and mineral supplements are not a replacement…

10 Ways to Make Fried Chicken Without Frying Chicken

With National Fried Chicken Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to offer a healthier alternative to this classic American favorite. Although chicken is a naturally lean meat, one large piece comes out of the fryer loaded with…

Take-it-Easy Wrap for Mom’s Lunchtime

Anyone else struggle to feed yourself during the day? Whether you’re a stay at home mom or one who works in an office across town, it’s hard to find the time (and energy) to take care of ourselves, especially during lunchtime. We’re either…

‘Oh So Heavenly Brochettes’ for the Perfect Summer Party

I feel like all I do is plan parties, host parties and clean up after parties all summer long! It doesn’t help that both of my children were born in the summer, so birthday parties’ planning rules. Thank goodness I love to host. Still, I…
15 Health Benefits of Strawberries-SliderPhoto

15 Health Benefits of Strawberries

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Summer brings us vacations, warm days and cookouts. Best of all, it brings that wonderful fruit, strawberries. As the plant’s distinctive white flowers turn to deep red fruit, celebrate May 20, National Strawberry Picking Day. Strawberries…