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Paleo Diet: 5 Reasons to Love (and Hate) It!

Called a diet revolution by some and a fad diet by others, there’s no question that the Paleo Diet is in vogue right now. The diet, based on the diets of Paleolithic hunter/gatherers who lived about 50,000 years ago, is also referred to…
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Building Healthy Communities for Our Kids

As mamis, we love our kids and we want the best for them. Sometimes this means figuring out what vegetables they will eat and sometimes it’s just finding any good vegetables we can afford at a store nearby. The same can be said for getting…

3 Healthy Alternatives to Any Party Food

Chips, Dips, Pizza, Subs, Hot Dogs, Cupcakes....HELP! What's a woman trying to keep her food and health game in check supposed to do on one of the biggest junk food days of the year? That’s right, Super Bowl Sunday can be tempting to fall…

Cooking With Your Computer

Black bean soup—that’s what was on the menu last night. I remembered the onions, the garlic, the oregano… But what was the ingredient I was forgetting? And which of my many cookbooks had the best recipe? I couldn’t remember either…
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Super Easy, Super Tasty Summer Smoothies

What's better than sipping on an ice-cold smoothie on a hot summer day? Whether you’re poolside minding the kids or stuck indoors doing laundry, smoothies offer a refreshing alternative to calorie-laden colas. All you need is a few ingredients,…

Lose Weight With Salads

Enter the Summer Consumption Paradigm Shift. Think of this mindset as the ‘summer you,’ the you that wants to slither and slink in sun dresses, the beautiful bronze goddess you, the you sans those god-forsaken muffin tops. To truly embrace…