Cucumber and Tomato Salad

“Eat clean” is our new nutrition mantra. Instead of starvation diets and weight loss fads we know to eat clean, whole foods; to steer clear of sugars, carbs and saturated fats; and to keep our exercise on point. Eating clean is great on…

Tropical Fruit Smoothie

This smoothie is a testament to the idea that often the things that work best are the ones that are simplest. We don't need to enumerate the many benefits of smoothies, so we’ll just give you our cliff notes. They are one-stop meal replacements…

Watermelon & Chia Agua Fresca

Let’s not kid ourselves: Chia is to superfoods what Lena Dunham is to primetime TV—as in ALL THE RAGE. And there is a reason for that. A recent article in the Los Angeles Daily News reports that “the nutritional composition of these…

Snack Attack: Jicama, Cucumber and Carrot sticks w/ Tajín

It’s one thing when a dish tastes so good you yearn for its flavors. But it’s a whole other gastronomical delight when a certain recipe’s texture is the thing you crave most. So in the spirit of all that’s crispy and crunchy, we’re…

Refreshing Shrimp on Cucumber Appetizers

Summer is coming, which means two things: hello swimsuits and goodbye carbs. It also means it’s high time to rev up our arsenal of delicious and healthy recipes, those simple little dishes that will work for weekday dinners, cocktail parties…

Picnic Must-Have! Pasta Salad with Fresh Tomatoes & Zucchini

Picnics might just be my favorite thing about the summer months. For us, it’s a special tradition that we share when the weather is warm and the sun stays out late. You see, my husband often works late but gets a break for dinner. Instead…
Liquid Cool Detox Drink-MainPhoto

Ah So Refreshing: Liquid Cool Detox Drink

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Summer brings awesome outdoor activities, trips to the zoo and kids’ birthday parties lasting long into the evening. Thanks to all of the above, for my family, summer also comes with sunburns and unquenchable thirst! We tend to get hot fast…

Corn on the Cob Redefined

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Corn on the cob brings back childhood memories of barbecues and summer family gatherings. We’d get special permission to stay up late and count the stars as they emerged from the dark blue blanket of sky above us. These days, I’m often…

Smart n’ Tasty Salad for Busy Days and Evenings

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I’ve been wondering lately, which is busier, the summer or the school year? On one hand, activities during the school year seem to occupy a great deal of time and then, of course, there’s school on top of that. But our summer schedule…