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Simple Daily Rituals to Help You Feel 10 Years Younger

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UPDATED June 5th, 2018  Raise your hand if you want to feel 10 years younger. Be honest. No one wants to get older. Well, maybe you did when you were 15 and you desperately wanted to drive, be independent, have boobs and buy alcohol. But…

Fine Lines: Great Tips on Stretch Mark Removal

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UPDATED May 30th, 2018 Summer is a blessing and a curse; the warm weather and fresh air feels wonderful after a long winter, but warmer temps means less clothing, and beach days means almost no clothing. And if you, like 80% of women around…

Roots for Life: The Power of Medicinal Herbs & Plants

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When something doesn’t feel right with your body, whether you have an ache, a pain, an injury or an illness, modern logic tells us to stop by the nearest drug store and pick up some medicine. If you have a muscle pain, a cramp, or a headache,…

Why Everyone is Talking About Himalayan Salt

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Every week there seems to be a new culinary ingredient or health trend that has the wellness world buzzing with excitement. And recently that ingredient is Himalayan salt. Most of us know salt as those white specks we toss on our food to make…

Eating Healthy: How to Not Let Office Food Ruin Your Body

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It’s challenging enough to think about eating healthy at home and keep your refrigerator stocked with healthy foods and to choose the more wholesome option on any restaurant menu, but what do you do when hunger hit and you’re stuck at…

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Grooming

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Some people love spending hours getting ready each day and look forward to beauty and grooming appointments at the salon. Other people don’t exactly have that kind of free time and don’t live such a glamorous lifestyle. If your hectic…

Is There Such a Thing as Over-Exercising?

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You work out, you eat healthy and you get enough rest, so naturally, you should be in excellent shape, right? Not necessarily. If you are over-exercising, you could actually do more harm than good. That’s right, it is entirely possible to…

What the Heck are Adaptogens?

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Adaptogens? What the…? In today’s crazy world we all experience stress. We get stressed about work, about our safety, about balancing our social life and our career, about our time and about our health. And while it’s totally normal…

Skincare Success: How to Keep Yours Flawless this Summer

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All winter long we count down the minutes until warm summer weather, and we stare into the mirror and complain about our dry, pasty, sad-looking winter skin. Then summer rolls around, the humidity kicks in, and suddenly we’re constantly…