Laying it Down: The Best Sleeping Position

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At the end of a long day do you sometimes feel like you could sleep anywhere? You could fall asleep at the kitchen table, on the bus, on your kid’s floor, or even on the toilet. But the best sleeping position has an impact on how you’ll…

8 Sneaky Signs of Stress That Show Up On Your Body

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Everyone needs to keep their eye on signs of stress. We all suffer from it at one time or another—we’re human, we are flawed, we get overwhelmed and it’s totally, 100% normal. Even the best planners, the most organized individuals and…

Now Hear This: 5 Myths to Dispel About Ear Cleaning

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We can still hear it now: “Don’t forget to clean your ears!” our mother would scream. As adults we now know she meant to clean around and behind the ears, not so much scrubbing the inside of our ears, but still, ears were a big focus…

How to Diet at a Restaurant

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Being on a diet is hard. Being healthy and making smart decisions about what you eat is tough even when you are sitting home surrounded by nothing but nutritious options in a well-stocked kitchen that would make any nutritionist proud. Being…

Side Effects of Energy Drinks: 7 Reasons You Need to Ditch It Now

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In today’s fast moving world, we’re all looking for ways to stay energized and make it through the day, and when our natural energy levels don’t seem to cut it, we need a little help. Some of us rely on caffeine, some on natural sources…

Natural Cellulite Treatment Ideas You Won’t Believe Work

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Even if you have what others might consider to be a perfect body, we all have flaws. And one of the most common flaws that women everywhere struggle with cellulite treatment. So what exactly is cellulite? According to the Mayo Clinic, “cellulite…

Wild About Your Looks: Beauty Treatments that Involve Live Animals

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Animals—they’re fun to play with, cute to cuddle with, and exciting to learn about. And when it comes to beauty treatments or your beauty routine, you’ve probably spent years avoiding products that test on animals, or cause any harm…

Bottoms Up: The Truth About a Colon Cleanse, from Enemas to Colonics

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There are some things that are generally unpleasant to talk about: politics, religion, money, and pretty much anything having to do with your bowel movements—including a colon cleanse. Add those topics to the growing list entitled “what…

Who Knew? 10 Surprising & Beneficial Hydrogen Peroxide Uses

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Hydrogen peroxide uses? Really? Yeah, we’re with you. That intimidating brown bottle of chemicals in your medicine cabinet reminds us of our childhood, when we’d get a bad scrape and have to suffer through the application of that clear…