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Digitally Royal: 10 YouTube Star Icons that Got Their Start Online

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UPDATED June 1st, 2018 Being a YouTube star used to be considered just a path to mainstream celebrity. After a decade, millennials pay more attention to the biggest YouTube stars than Hollywood celebs. There are a few notable crossovers but…

Holly Would: 10 Famous Couples That Don't Make Us Cringe

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UPDATED May 31st, 2018 As much as we try to deny it, we're all a little obsessed with famous couples. It's hard not to be when we're barraged with so many images of them frolicking on exotic beaches and showing off their perfectly chiseled…

Jimmy Joy: 11 Reasons we Heart the Jimmy Fallon Show

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UPDATED May 30th, 2018 Just when we think we could not possibly love the Jimmy Fallon Show more than we already do, he comes out with some new amazing skit that has us peeing in our pants we’re laughing so hard. The man really is a comedic…
50 Paulo Coelho Quotes to Always Carry Inside

50 Amazing Paulo Coelho Quotes to Always Carry Inside

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UPDATED May 17, 2018 Brazil has graced the world with tons of sacred gifts: samba, cachaça, capoeira, açaí—and everyone’s favorite modern mystic, Paulo Coelho. Through the many spiritual ruminations of The Big C—he who has tread…

Nerd Power: 7 Reasons why The Big Bang Theory TV Show Rules

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Updated May 15, 2018 If you watch a lot of television then you are probably pretty familiar with “The Big Bang Theory” TV show, the award-winning comedy that has been airing on CBS since 2007. This show follows 5 main characters: socially-awkward…
10 Latina Celebs that Crush the Hair Category-MainPhoto

10 Latina Celebs Who Crush the Hair Category

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Updated April 30, 2018 Hairstyle Appreciation Day comes on April 30 this year. This day is intended to celebrate the uniqueness and fabulosity of all styles of hair, with particular attention to the people who make awesome, artful hairstyles…

12 Celebrity Hairstyles that Belong at the Science Fair

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Updated April 22, 2018 Most of us have hair, and most of us abuse it, dye it, fry it, iron it, tease it and make some really awful hairstyle choices. Raise your hand if you can look at old photos and not cringe. Uh-huh. No hands. For most…
Frida Kahlo quotes

20 Glorious Quotes by Frida Kahlo

UPDATED April 20th, 2018 Over 100 years ago, Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo y Calderón was born in Mexico. For many she was simply Frida. Our Frida. As is the fate of most visionaries, she wasn’t as appreciated during her time on this…

Fishful Thinking: 20 Celebrity Pisces We Adore

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UPDATED April 16th, 2018 It's not surprising that there are so many celebrity Pisces who are artists, poets, musicians, actors and humanitarians. The twelfth sign of the zodiac is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions and…