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Project Runway Recap, Episode 3

Season 9 of Project Runway kicked off with a one-hour special Road to the Runway where we were introduced to the new batch of designers and given a glimpse into their backgrounds. Episode 1 began with a quick run-through of 20 designers presenting…

Young Style Celebs Every Mami Must Know

Before you embark on the annual melodrama of back to school shopping with your teen, take a moment to acquaint yourself with her style icons. These fashion newcomers are a refreshing blend of modern youth and savvy sophistication. Each has…

A Baseball Player´s Wife & Her Quest for Success

You might think the life of a baseball wife is very glamorous (and it often is), but it can also be challenging to maintain a “normal” and healthy sense of family, particularly given my husband’s demanding schedule and his profession’s…

I'd Rather Be Home Than at the Oscars

The twins were 10-months-old and we were on our way to Mommy and Me. Simple enough, right? Wrong! Anyone who has had twins fully recognizes that this simple outing requires about two-and-a-half hours of planning, prepping, and coaxing just…

Style Icons We Love

Some women just have “IT”— a magnetism, an innate confidence, and a unique flair that shines through every aspect of their lives. These women could make a burlap sack look like haute couture. They’d belt it, throw on a pair of heels…

Are Women's Magazines Depressing You?

As you guide your grocery cart toward the checkout line and past the magazines, an impossibly toned bikini-clad beauty catches your eye. The headline reads ‘Christina Milian’s Amazing Post-Baby Beach Bod!’ You want to keep pushing toward…

How to Attain Truly Effortless Beauty

Watching an episode of the Real Housewives of the O.C. (or Beverly Hills) is mesmerizingly entertaining; but it can leave you yearning for just one housewife who isn’t always perfectly coifed, displays anything below a C cup, talks with…