12 Celebrity Hairstyles that Belong at the Science Fair-MainPhoto

Updated April 22, 2018

Most of us have hair, and most of us abuse it, dye it, fry it, iron it, tease it and make some really awful hairstyle choices. Raise your hand if you can look at old photos and not cringe. Uh-huh. No hands. For most of us, a bad hair style remains hidden in photo albums or behind glass frames on our mother’s mantle. For the rich and famous, it’s a different story. Their every move (and every hairstyle) is photographed, reproduced and posted on the web for all to ask “What was she thinking?” Some celebrity hairstyles create trends, some styles are just for fun, and some styles go down in history as being truly, truly awful. But changing hairstyles is our prerogative. As Hillary Clinton once said, “I’m undaunted in my quest to amuse myself by constantly changing my hair.” So to celebrate Hairstyle Appreciation Day on April 30, here are 12 celebrity hairstyles that belong at the science fair.

1. Amy Winehouse – The Beehive
The late Amy Winehouse was known almost as much for her over the top hairstyle as her singing. With her piled high hairdo, Winehouse brought the Beehive back to the modern world. Her singing will be remembered; hopefully the beehive won’t.

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