10 Latina Celebs that Crush the Hair Category-MainPhoto
10 Latina Celebs that Crush the Hair Category-MainPhoto

Jennifer Lopez

Updated April 30, 2018

Hairstyle Appreciation Day comes on April 30 this year. This day is intended to celebrate the uniqueness and fabulosity of all styles of hair, with particular attention to the people who make awesome, artful hairstyles come to life. We Latinas, and Latina celebs, in particular, tend to obsess about making our hair look incredible at all times. Here are 10 of our favorite Latina celebs who consistently crush the hair category.

I’d love to kiss ya, but I just washed my hair. —Bette Davis

1. JLo
Jennifer Lopez’s hair can go from effortlessly chic to highly styled and we love it for that! She rocks her locks long with loose curls for some events, but slicks it all back whens he’s highlighting heavy eye makeup or a dramatic lip. We love her versatility and how her hair always looks so soft and shiny!

2. Shakira
Shakira used to rock some tight curls in her long blondish hair. She’s still sporting a honey color but her curls have definitely softened as she’s experimented with variations in both color and texture. We love that, despite being a new mom with lots going on, she’s still got her length and is obviously doing some good self-care, keeping it healthy.

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