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8 Transgender Celebrities Who Are Acing it as Role Models

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Lately, transgender celebrities are coming out with more confidence, to which we say, heck yes! We all suffer from insecurities and we all have aspects of our appearance that we wish we could change or improve. But for approximately .3% of…

15 Diva Gemini Celebrities We Love

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Let's take a few minutes to honor some of our favorite Gemini celebrities in honor of The Twins taking over the zodiac from May 21-June 20. There's a reason we call them divas. The Gemini woman is complex, brainy, curious, witty and constantly…

Glam-Ma: 15 Fabulous Famous Grandparents to Salute this Mother’s Day

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Famous grandparents are fun to watch, because unlike most celebs, their role as grandma or grandpa eclipses anything Hollywood might want from them. The prototypical grandma is frumpy, conservative and makes a mean chicken soup when she’s…

Body Hair Babes: 7 Celebrities that Swear by Their Hairy Armpits

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One of the more annoying beauty habits that women have to deal with on a regular basis is hairy armpits. It is what it is, and for many of us it’s an essential part of our routine. But there’s no denying that it can be painful, expensive,…

10 Reasons Why Scandal Empowers Women

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On April 1, 1963, the first episode of General Hospital aired on ABC. It has been on the air for more than four decades and is ABC’s longest running soap opera. But as daytime soaps wane in popularity, ABC has a new sweetheart, a scandal…

8 Lessons to Learn from Black Ballerina, Misty Copeland

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In case you don’t know black ballerina Misty Copeland, she is the groundbreaking ballerina, who in 2015 was the first African-American woman to be named principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre. Even if you’re not familiar with…

Let’s Indulge: 8 Celebs we Wish Were 2016 Presidential Candidates

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It’s officially an election year, in case you weren’t aware, and with the Iowa caucuses behind us we can honestly say that this year’s political circus is in full swing. Which has us paying a lot of attention to the current 2016 presidential…

6 Reasons We’re Obsessed with Emily Marie Consuelo’s New Track

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Raise your hand if you know who Emily Marie Consuelo is. If you were around in the 80s and 90s then chances are you know and love Gloria Estefan. I mean, with hits like Turn the Beat Around, Rhythm is Gonna Get You and Everlasting Love, plus…

9 Musicians We Can’t Wait to Hear from Again

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In the wonderful world of music, some artists come, some artists go, new artists emerge and favorite musicians take a hiatus, much to our disappointment. And as we ring in the New Year, it’s time to consider the musical artists we miss,…