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I am Sofia Vergara-Gato, the #1 cat fan of my Latin idol, superstar icon Sofia Vergara. Just like her, I believe in celebrating those who embrace the spirit of their own uniqueness.

American audiences got their first intoxicating glimpses of this curvaceous Colombiana at the start of the millennium in films like Big Trouble and Chasing Papi. After nabbing back-to-back starring roles Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns and Madea Goes to Jail, she became a household name playing Gloria on the TV mega-hit Modern Family. It’s impossible not to fall in love with Gloria’s bubbly, larger-than-life persona, but Sofía won a place in many a feline heart when she admitted to People magazine that she doesn’t particularly care for Stella the French Bulldog, her onscreen pet.

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Proving she’s more than just a gorgeous face and a body to die for, Ms. Vergara is well on her way to becoming a one-woman empire. With a wildly popular clothing line for K-Mart, lucrative endorsement deals with the likes of CoverGirl, Pepsi, and Rooms to Go, she’s also executive producer of the upcoming ABC crime drama Killer Women.

Like my irrepressible idol, I love fashion, makeup, and working my feminine wiles. Nothing beats lounging in a sunlit windowsill and pretending not to notice the tom cats strutting by my doorstep.

What Makes Sofía Vergara-Gato Purr

  • I never turn my nose up at a delicious plate of Sheba with a little catnip garnish.
  • A lovely afternoon stretched out by the bird-bath leafing through the latest issue of Cat Fancy magazine.
  • Sketching collar designs for the kitty fashion line I hope to launch one day.
  • I can spend literally hours gazing at the shadows flickering in my water bowl. So relaxing!

What Gets Sofía Vergara-Gato’s Dander Up

  • Anyone who makes fun of my accent.
  • An ill-fitting collar that doesn’t bring out my beautiful eyes is the worst!
  • When my favorite new kitty toy just disappears under a piece of furniture, never to be seen again.
  • French Bulldogs.

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