While many of us remember her as the veejay with rocking style and enviable hair, today she is a business mogul, designer, and a force in the fashion world. But throughout the evolution of Daisy Fuentes the veejay to Daisy Fuentes the brand, one truth has always remained: the girl knows how to put on a show.

Her 2012 Spring fashion show for Kohl’s was no exception. The Daisy Fuentes brand was born in 2004, but it had it’s first fashion week debut this past Tuesday, September 13 at the Metropolitan Pavillion. And what a fierce debut it was.

Every model that strutted down the catwalk looked cool, confident, and effortlessly chic. What was the secret? Daisy and her team said they drew inspiration from the South of France—from the florals of Matisse, the bold colors of Picasso, and the beach style of St. Tropez. This energy was evident in each piece. From the cool blues and crisp whites, to the floral prints and bold colorblocking, the clothing made you want to pack a bag and head for the beaches at Le Club 55. The collection was truly a celebration of color, print, and summer style.

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Some of our favorite items included: a blue reptile printed caftan, a bold red skirt, a sharp white blazer, and a sexy one-shoulder evening dress in a sweet shade of tangerine. There was a perfect balance of prints and solids, fluidity and crispness. The flowy dresses and shirts were complimented by tailored jackets and pants. And the fabrics—silk, sateen, linen, chiffon, and jersey—were light and decadent.

But how much does this St. Tropez style cost? That’s is the best part. While the collection looks and feels very high end, Daisy and her team worked hard to keep the price point low, and this has been the hallmark of her brand from day one. Daisy is a businesswoman and designer who believes fashion is for everyone. It should be unfussy, fun, flirty, fabulous…and affordable.