Shopping for a pet lover should be a no brainer right? But pets (and their owners) can be awfully finicky when it comes to their gear—you have to contend with special diets, toy restrictions, favorite clothing colors, etc. With that in mind, here are five exceptional pet-centric gifts that will appeal to animal lovers of all tastes, species and stripes.

The Dog Lived (and So Will I) by Teresa Rhyne
In this uplifting memoir, Teresa Rhyne chronicles her feisty beagle, Seamus’s battle with cancer and her own subsequent battle with the same disease. This, ultimately, happy tearjerker celebrates the powerful bond between dogs and their owners and reminds us (as if we needed it) of just how much our pets give back to us.

Umbra Bird Café Feeder
Not only does is this modern bird feeder look gorgeous on its own—it will attract tons of beautiful backyard birds. Animal lovers will adore watching nature in action and it will keep cats and dogs entertained for hours (watching safely from inside the house, of course).

5 Gifts for the Pet Lover in Your Life

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Personalized M&Ms
If you’re looking for a totally silly, completely adorable and very tasty gift for the pet lover in your life, you can’t beat personalized m&ms. You can select your (or their) favorite m&m colors, choose from a variety of packaging options, then upload one or two pet photos and/or messages be printed on each candy. It’s one-stop stocking stuffer shopping!

Paw Prints Keepsake Frame
Aside from its utter uniqueness, the beauty of this gift is that it works for any pet that has feet, so snakes and fish aside, you can preserve your pal’s little tootsies for eternity!

Animal Planet DVD
An animal planet DVD is the gift that keeps on giving—just pop one in any time you need a dose of adorability and stress relief. The Puppy Bowl is an hour and forty-five minutes of over-the-top cuteness: the Bowl Cam (a bowl’s eye view of puppies taking a water break); the Refs calling a penalty for unnecessary roughness or soiling the playing field are just two examples. Like the title suggests, Must Love Cats celebrates all things feline. Or follow the furry adventures of the Whiskers in the reality TV family dramedy, Meerkat Manor.