12. You do not feel happy.
When you take a moment to look at your life, are you happy? Not just satisfied or accepting of what you have and who you are, but are you truly happy? Yes, there are aspects of your life you could improve, but would that make you happier? Or maybe, just maybe, if you sit back and breathe in all the wonderful opportunities, relationships, strengths and successes around you, you might be more content.

13. You don’t take the time to taste your food.
In some places, like say a marathon, it might help to finish first. But at the dinner table it doesn’t pay to speed through your meal. In fact, you’re probably missing out on a huge part of the dining experience. Food tastes different when you actually take the time to taste it. Don’t just guzzle your wine or inhale your dinner. Savor it. Enjoy each bite. Appreciate the abundance in front of you and relish every smell, sensation and mouthful.