14. You think you know, but you have no idea.
Have you ever been driving and suddenly you realize you missed your street and completely zoned out for the past 10 minutes? This is sometimes referred to as mindlessness, or when you think you know everything about what you are doing, so you just stop paying attention. Accept the fact that you do NOT know all there is to know, and take every moment as an opportunity to learn, to observe and to be aware of what is around you.

15. You do not take the time to be still.
Think about what you did today. Did you sit still for more than five minutes? And was that only because you were on the toilet? There is no way to live in the moment if you spend every moment running around doing 20 things at once. It’s time to stop doing and just focus on being. Only then can you appreciate where you are at this moment, and this moment only, in your life.