8. You get bored easily.
Do you find yourself constantly bored with an activity, whatever the activity may be? Chances are it has very little to do with how you pass your time. You’re bored because you’re not actually making the most of the time you spend. Imagine you’re reading a book but you’re thinking about your to-do list for the week; you’ll probably have to re-read a paragraph 3 times just to move on. Who would blame you for getting bored with the book? But if you focus only on the words and the story in front of you, you might just get lost in an amazing adventure.

9. You are not grateful for what you have.
It’s natural to wish for things you don’t have or to strive for accomplishments you have not yet conquered. That’s what makes us work to be better every day. It only becomes a problem when you get so overwhelmed by a desire to have more later, that you’re left disappointed with what you have now. Take a moment to focus on what you appreciate about life today.