10. You are preoccupied with empty activities.
Do you turn on the TV for five minutes and suddenly two hours have passed? We’ve been guilty of this on more than one occasion. Damn you reality TV. But when you waste time with passive activities that don’t fill you up as a person, your mind will be more likely to wander. Instead of focusing on the here and now you could begin to worry about the future or think about unimportant aspects of your life that you cannot control. Constantly remind yourself not to zone out, but to zone in on whatever you are doing.

11. You are preoccupied with your thoughts.
When you are on vacation, are you stressing about the pile of work you left on your desk? And when you’re at work are you dreaming of your next vacation? You’re not alone. Sometimes your thoughts can control you, taking you away from enjoying the moment because you’re so busy worrying about what is happening somewhere else or at some other time. Practice mindfulness, or a state of active, intentional attention on the present.