15 Ways to Get a Bikini-Worthy Belly Without Doing a Single Sit-Up-SliderPhoto


It snuck up on us! Bikini Season is here and we’re not ready! Do they know our pain, those flat of belly, taut of skin young girls who can slip on a swimsuit never wondering if they look good because they always look good? Do they know how we spend countless hours under unfavorable light in dressing rooms trying to  find a suit that will make us look half, a third even, as good as they do?

And when we finally work and starve and do crunches until we wear a hole in the rug, do they acknowledge our victory? Sadly, they do not. So for all the not so flat of belly, not so taut of skin women out there just seeking to not bulge out over the top of her bikini, here are some ab toners to help you whip into shape in time for beach season.

1. Try a little belly dancing.
Think about it, how many fat belly dancers have you seen? It’s a great all over aerobic exercise and one that will help flatten that stomach and tighten abs. plus, you get to wear the neat costume and ring a bunch of tiny little bells.