15 Ways to Get a Bikini-Worthy Belly Without Doing a Single Sit-Up-SliderPhoto

15 ways to get a bikini-worthy belly without doing a single sit-up-Photo10

10. Take a hip-hop dance class.
It’s fun, gets your blood circulating, and many of the moves are ab-focused. Just watch Beyoncé or RiRi to see how effective hip-hop dancing can be to flatten that tummy. Practice hip hop standing in front of a big fan so your hair gets blown back in that sexy way it does on music videos.

11. Do some stand-up paddle boarding while you’re at the beach.
Try this for a fun workout. With paddle boarding, you’ll stand tall, thus keeping your abs tight, you’ll hold the paddle to move forward in the water and if you paddle fast enough, no one will see your tummy bulge anyway.