Did someone say adult summer camp? Yes, please! Sometimes, cranky grownups need a magical get away where they can be kids again. You know, something out an enchanted forest scene in one of Wes Anderson’s wildest dreams. But it’s no dream, adult camps really do exist.  Like the ‘hello mudder, hello fadder, here I am at Camp Granada’ kind, but without the poison ivy or malaria-ailed bunkmate.  And while adult camps may offer kiddy staples like marshmallow roasts or sing-a-longs, most let campers explore a hobby or live out some type of childhood fantasy in either rustic or luxurious abodes.

The American Camp Association’s CEO, Peg Smith, told Shape magazine that they have seen a steady increase in adult camp attendance. Aside from these camps being excellent stress combaters, “it’s an opportunity to engage in something that goes beyond everyday life, to hone old skills and discover new interests,” said Smith. “Camp offers an oasis for everyone—with opportunities for learning in a fun environment.” So whether you’re looking to practice a hobby like cooking or detox from the tech world, or hot tub with a stranger, these ten camps are just a few examples of what’s out there to choose from in the U.S. and around the globe. So go ahead, become a kid again and remember that naps and spinach are good for you. Here are 10 adult summer camp ideas to get you going.

1. Camp Grounded
From relay races to tug of wars, along with archery sessions to hip hop dance classes, these camps located in North Carolina and California also offer wellness programs that include evening meditations just before the late night shows and campfire sessions. Yes, you have to go home when it’s over.

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2. Digital Detox Camps
Are you totally addicted to the tech world? Unplug and sign yourself up at one of the worldwide Digital Detox retreats. They forbid electronic devices, computers, phones, lights, heat, or watches. It’s about rediscovering what happens when we truly plug-in to life.

3. Shelter Co.
If luxury tents that include  real beds with 400 thread sheets, hip Adirondack furniture, lighting and area rugs, and in the middle of nowhere, fret no more.  To escape your tent on occasion, there are bar tents, library tents, and moonlight wine tastings. This is adult camp for the unapologetically chic.


4. Soul Camp’s Camp Towanda
Set on sprawling acres of Pennsylvania land so picture perfect, the film Wet Hot American Summer was shot there. You’ll partake in yoga, meditation, breathing exercises and arts and crafts for the ultimate get away from it all. Astrology fans and introspective types are welcome.

5. The Woods Camp Ground
Targeting the LGBT camper with exhibitionist tendencies, at this sleep away camp, clothes are optional. Let it all hang free while playing volleyball , hiking or paddle-boating on a 5-acre lake and hiking. Then rip it up on the dance floor with live DJs in the best club in the forest.


6. The Culinary Institute of America Boot Camp
Is your inner chef hungry for some hardcore cooking lessons? Don’t let the “boot” part scare you, especially if you prefer chopping onions to doing push-ups. These two- to five-day programs held in New York, Texas, and California are where the gourmands go to relax.

7. Zombie Survival Camp
If you’re a die-hard Walking Dead fan and are preparing for an imminent zombie uprising, you’ll find your kind in a camp field in New Jersey. When you return to the living you’ll have learned how to create shelter, use a crossbow, shoot a gun and be a team leader in any apocalyptic catastrophe. This adult camp is for the sci-fi kid at heart.


8. Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp
This ultimate backstage pass for rubbing elbows with rock legends in a studio, snuggling in shuttled private vans, having morning joe with them at the buffet, and getting rock star counseling from The Who’s Roger Dal and Lita Ford just doesn’t happen on a regular vacation.

9. Camp Wandawega
Created by a duo of ad agency creative directors, this design style sleep away camp is located in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, so beware the roaming elks. This quirky dream camp includes a tree house, and plenty of colorful history about bootleggers, hookers, and hustlers among the pines.


10. Wine Camp
Are you an oenophile in need of escape? Then this  4-day adventure in North Fork Long Island wine country—where you’ll blend your own wine and journey from the vineyards, to the crush pad, and then finish your days with a five course dinner, paired with six wines—screams YOU. Wine not?