We’ve been hearing a lot about Beyoncé and her man, the powerful Jay-Z, all because of the little elevator incident (“Elevator-Gate”) with Yoncé’s sister, Solange. Turning back to what’s really important, let’s remember that their joint On the Run tour kicks off June 25. Though this year has brought them some ups and downs, and they still seem to be working it all out, the royal celebrity couple is still going strong.

These two have survived longer than most with their level of fame and recognition. They often appear to be a paradigm of how to be creative and renowned individuals while making a family together. Even other players in the biz, who know the pressures of celebrity well, think theirs is a solid match. Singer Keyshia Cole noted, “I respect Beyoncé and Jay-Z, because I know how hard it can be to stay in love in this business…. You have to grow with that person and go through everything with them. That’s one thing that I noticed and I respect about them.”

While all celebrities go through the trouble of filtering what their public sees and what stays hidden, the sheer amount of scrutiny on music’s most perfect pair must be staggering, and some negative details are bound to get out.

Behind all the fame and the music Beyoncé and Jay-Z are still human. But unlike many other humans in their situation, we believe they have a lot figured out. Here are 30 reasons why.

1. They’re not only Drunk in Love, but also very much Crazy in Love.

2. They both kept their cool during Elevator-Gate.

3. They have an adorable two-year-old, Blue Ivy.

4. They’re BFFs with POTUS and FLOTUS.