As the temperatures rise, it’s easy to take good health for granted. In the winter, we expect to get the sniffles from time to time and are oh-so-appreciative when the flu magically passes over our houses. In the summer, however, we expect to feel great and enjoy the long warm days without a thought of cold prevention. And then we get sick. And the kids are home from school. And then they get sick. And summer is officially ruined!

Okay, not ruined but it sure is miserable to be stuck at home nursing a summer cold when you could be out there having fun! And, as it turns out, “summer colds can be worse and even longer than winter colds,” according to Dr. David Blyweiss. So, don’t wind up sick during your family vacation! Here are 10 natural ways to prevent a summer cold and even treat summer cold symptoms so you and your family can stay sniffle-free this season!

1. Vitamins
We know when you fall out of your normal routine (i.e. all summer long) it’s easy to forget those habits that were ingrained during the school year. Summer is no time to skimp on the vitamins so give your immune system a boost with a multi-vitamin. If you’re feeling run down take some extra vitamins D and C.

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