Summer employment is great for kids, and jobs for teens can be a great way to rev up their accountability muscles. Summer jobs for teens can also help keep them in the spirit of responsibility and prepare them for the rigors of college. They can earn their own money, learn about personal finance and build their self-esteem. There are all kinds of potential jobs for kids—everything from lawn mowing, baby sitting, walking dogs, to even just helping you around the house (but getting paid for it!).

Education.com suggests that young workers get an education while on the job, learning such things as interaction with co-workers, managers and customers and personal time management. “The greatest benefit of inspiring entrepreneurial spirit in a child is that the child comes to understand how to build a greater sense of self-determination and self-reliance,” says Sam Waltz, a business counselor.

Of course, not every kid is suited for every potential summer job. We also realize that a kid is more likely to stay with a job if he or she can have fun while doing it. Finding cool jobs for teens and kids isn’t always so straightforward. So here’s our list to get you thinking!

1. A Lemonade Stand
If life gives you lemons…well, you the rest. This is the old tried-and-true method for kids everywhere. However, it works best if you can locate your stand on a relatively busy street. Otherwise, you won’t sell enough lemonade to make it worthwhile.