5 New Food Inventions that are Even Crazier than the Cronut-SliderPhoto


Just as we were trying to become bikini ready, here comes June 6, National Donut Day. Held the first Friday of each June, National Donut Day was established in 1938 by the Salvation Army to honor “donut dollies,” the women who served donuts to the soldiers during WWI.

Add a few years and a few donut chains and you’ve got a day that anyone with a sweet tooth will appreciate. Check with your favorite donut chain, as many are offering a free donut on June 6. Perhaps the chains will feature a new donut, double milk chocolate crunch or maybe…a Cronut. A Cronut is donut, croissant hybrid; the light fluffy pastry is deep fried before being drenched in a sweet icing or glaze. This sugary treat became the “it” food item with hordes of hungry foodies lining up to buy one. We’re not so sure if any of these bizarre new food inventions will inspire such fervor.