Uh oh (read heck yeah!), it’s pizza time. Everyone has one or two preferred pizza restaurants and a favorite pizza: thin crust, extra cheese, deep dish with sausage, the list is really endless. We are actually a nation of pizza obsessives. In fact, according to The Atlantic a report from the Department of Agriculture says that every day about 13% of Americans are eating pizza and more than a quarter of boys age 6-19 eat pizza every day.

To honor Cheese Pizza Day, September 5, we’ve selected 20 of the best pizza joints across the country. Remember, good pizza isn’t fast food. “This one is slow food. Anything you do, when you do it too fast, it’s no good. The way I make a pizza takes a lot of work. And I don’t mind work,” says the legendary Domenico DeMarco, owner of Di Fara Pizza in Brooklyn. So enjoy your slice of the pie—whether cheese-laden or loaded with toppings—and consider one of these fine pizza restaurants next time you need a fix.

1. Emily • Clinton Hill, NY
This small restaurant owned by a husband and wife team specializes in homemade dough, sauces and mozzarella. The results: really good pizza. Just save room for a S’mores Calzone for dessert.

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