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Sugar Detox: How to Curb Your Sweet Tooth

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UPDATED June 4th, 2018  Summer is the perfect time for a sugar detox. You're outdoors, soaking up the sun, being active and showing off your bikini bod. Plus, the kids are home from school so you can use this time to get them into healthier…

Krispy Kreme vs. Dunkin Donuts. Who Wins?

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Homer Simpson once pondered: “Donuts. Is there anything they can’t do?” We could just imagine that every Simpsons viewer momentarily imagined their own favorite glazed and infused donut from their childhood in unison. While the U.S.…

Why Everyone is Talking About the Raindrop Cake

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If you're up on the latest food trends, then you may have noticed that the Raindrop Cake has taken the Internet by storm. So what's all the fuss about? A delightfully minimal, ephemeral dessert created by New York City chef Darren Wong. And…

Sweet Java: 10 Coffee Dessert Recipes You'll Adore

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There's nothing like trying some new coffee dessert recipes to add a little zing to your post-meal treats. The aroma alone perks you up a bit and the bitterness of coffee perfectly offsets the sweetness of dessert. Get ready for some serious…

Sugar’s Healthy Pal: 9 Surprising Benefits of Cinnamon

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Did you know about the benefits of cinnamon? Aside from its long history of sweetening up breakfasts, cinnamon, which is derived from tree bark, has been used for medical purpose for thousands of years. Today alternative medicine continues…

For the Sake of No Bake: 8 Awesome No Bake Desserts

Confession time: we don’t really like to bake much around here. We know, we know, we share all kinds of sweet treat baked good dessert recipes and, trust us, we love them but the act of baking a dessert isn’t our jam, really. In truth,…

In Defense of Vanilla: 9 Vanilla Dessert Recipes that Give Chocolate Competition

Raise your hand if you’re over molten chocolate cake and hankering for some good, reliable vanilla dessert recipes. Now, chocolate is great for you but, if you’re allergic or have some reactions to it, it’s not something to be enjoyed…
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12 Summer Dessert Ideas that Won’t Tip the Scale

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Ahhh yes. It’s time for warmer weather, more sunshine and a chance to make some social-media-worthy memories with your friends and family. Fresh picked strawberries, ripe melons and juicy watermelons are just a few of the healthy, seasonal…
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5 New Food Inventions That are Even Crazier than the Cronut

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Just as we were trying to become bikini ready, here comes June 6, National Donut Day. Held the first Friday of each June, National Donut Day was established in 1938 by the Salvation Army to honor “donut dollies,” the women who served donuts…