Confession time: we don’t really like to bake much around here. We know, we know, we share all kinds of sweet treat baked good dessert recipes and, trust us, we love them but the act of baking a dessert isn’t our jam, really. In truth, we want dessert (we’re not crazy, after all) but we want it to be something we don’t have to work that hard for, you know?

Now, there’s only so much plain ice cream and instant pudding a gal can eat, right? To help us help you (because we’re all about helping others around here), we put together a list of some of our favorite no bake desserts. Lean on these during the summer when it’s just too hot to bake, or right now if you’re like us and simply don’t want to. While some are easy (check out number two on the list because you get to use the microwave!), others take time and patience and maybe as much skill as baking, which means we’re not making them regularly (lazy, remember?) but they’re still delicious.

1. 12 Grape Champagne Gelatina
We’re starting with a hard one but, trust us, it’s worth the effort! Also, this recipe uses the stovetop, which is borderline in our book, but it’s not baking so it counts. Ever made your own Jell-O? We thought not. Did you even know you could? We didn’t either! Now you know you can and you definitely should using this combo of strawberry and key-lime soda and champagne. Oh yeah, we went there. And it’s incredible.

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2. Hot Cinnamon Raisin Apples
Looking for something warm, comforting and delicious? Don’t want to bake a whole apple pie? We get it, we really do, which is why this is one of our fave no bake recipes. Try thinly slicing an apple and laying it nicely onto a microwave-safe plate. That’s right, we’re nuking this thing. Sprinkle with some cinnamon, raisins and some brown sugar if you like. Microwave for a minute or two or until the apple slices become fork tender and juicy. Easy, yummy and healthy.


3. Creamy Coconut Lime Carlota
This recipe is surprisingly easy and has a big bang for your low-effort buck. From canned coconut milk to pre-made lady fingers, it’s a cold dessert that is no-bake and budget friendly.


4. Pudding or Ice Cream Parfait
For this one, you can use your creamy cold dessert of choice. We happen to love vanilla ice cream but if you’re in the mood for pudding or even yogurt, go for it. Layer your ice cream in a glass with some fresh or frozen berries and whipped topping. Keep layering until your glass is full, alternating between your choice of filling.


5. Fancy Fruit Salad
Wanna go healthy and no-bake? Us too. When we’re feeling like we want something sweet while we’re watching our waistlines, we usually try to grab a piece of fruit but sometimes you just want something a little more…fancy, right? When we get that yearning for more, we add shredded coconut, chopped mint leaves, and a drizzle of honey to our chopped fruit salad of berries, bananas, melons and whatever other fruit we can find in the produce drawer of the fridge. Don’t be scared to experiment with your own fancy fruit salad flavorings.


6. Banana Pudding
This is another of our favorite no bake desserts. A classic you’ve probably forgotten about, this one’s a goodie. Layer vanilla pudding with sliced banana and vanilla wafer cookies. So easy and nostalgic and, since there’s fruit involved, we’re calling it healthy-ish.


7. Sweet Popcorn
Air pop your fresh popcorn kernels on the stovetop or whatever gadget you might own for such a thing. Then transfer your popped, hot kernels to a clean paper bag to which you’ll add a sprinkle of cinnamon and another of white sugar, to taste. Give that bag a shake and dig in.


8. White Chocolate Mousse
This is one of the no bake recipes that takes time, effort, patience, planning and a few expensive ingredients (whole vanilla beans anyone?) but will you just trust us when we say that it’s absolutely, completely and totally worth it? You’ll use eight ounces of pure white chocolate and a few tablespoons of hazelnut liquor to get just the right flavor and richness. The hardest part will be waiting the three hours it takes to set in the fridge, seriously.

Photo 8 courtesy of Food