Myth: Sugar makes kids hyper.

Bust: Sorry, you can’t blame the chocolate Easter bunny, Peeps or even cookies for your child’s hyperactivity. Sugar did not make them do it. Or at least that’s what researchers have proven so far. Despite the belief throughout history, excessive sugar intake has no impact on a child’s behavior.

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Dr. Rachel Vreeman and Dr. Aaron Carroll of Indiana University School of Medicine reviewed at least a dozen controlled trials where scientists examined how children reacted to diets containing different levels of sugar. What they found was that in “none of these studies, not even studies looking specifically at children with attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), detected any differences in behavior between the children who had sugar and those who did not.”

So does that mean you should allow your kids to load up on sweets all they want? No. It simply means you can’t blame their precociousness on sweet sugar anymore. Learn more.