Leaves of Splendor: 10 Artichoke Recipe Ideas that Always Win -Mainphoto


6. Lemon Chicken with Artichokes
The key to this scrumptious, one-pan artichoke recipe is buying jarred artichoke hearts. Why? That way you can just toss the diced chicken breast pieces into the frying pan, and pour on the white wine, basil, and lemon juice right before you serve it up. Healthy and delicious never tasted as good.

7. Oil-Poached Artichoke Heart Salad
This perfect warm spring salad, doused in fine olive oil, herbs, and garlic is a delicacy of texture and taste that melts in your mouth. Once the ‘chokes are trimmed, slice lengthwise into pieces roughly ¼ inch thick. You want them to look like silhouettes of an artichoke heart. Heart-breakingly good.