‘Tis the season for coming up with fabulous winter wedding decorations! Want your dress to match…well…everything? First decide what exactly your perfect winter wonderland would look like. Is it faux indoor ice and all white decor? Or will it include warm hints of red berries and poinsettias to liven up the room?

Whether whimsical or chic, there are plenty of winter wedding ideas to make the day uniquely yours. And there is something creative about the bareness of winter, as if starting with a blank, white page. The writer Pietro Aretino once said, “Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius.” Go ahead and tap into your creativity with these 15 ideas for unforgettably warm winter wedding decorations.

1. Avoid Christmas Colors
A red and green color scheme may be tempting, but go for white, ivory, and silver for a simpler, elegant and less holiday-centric look.

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