We bet you never thought you would need to get your head around Twitter etiquette. But new technologies call for new sets of rules, especially social media platforms that are designed to throw people into the ring and see the sparks fly. You need only look at the amount of news that is generated by one celebrity’s reaction to another celebrity’s tweet. But we are not all celebrities and Twitter is a game whose object is to collect followers, not send them running.

Folks acting like twits and posting insulting and inappropriate remarks, is unfortunately all too common on Twitter. But this, you see, is the appeal. According to Jonathan Zittrain, a Harvard Law professor and Internet expert, The qualities that make Twitter seem inane and half-baked are what makes it so powerful.”  Life’s too short for making an idiot out of oneself in less than 140 characters. And unfortunately many people do not know the criminal consequences of making comments on Twitter. Here are 15 topics to stay away from to maintain proper Twitter etiquette.

1. Badmouthing the Competition
It’s a gentleman’s world out there, so keep offensive remarks about your competition in your head and not on the screen. Act professional, not petty.

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