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UPDATED March 26th, 2018

The bathroom is a sanctuary for most moms. It is a place to retreat to even if just for a few minutes to recharge before resurfacing to face our never ending duties. But it can also be turned into a space that attracts good fortune, by following simple styling tips, for bathroom feng shui, using these easy to find elements.

Stalks of bamboo are thought to attract wealth and abundance. Incorporating bamboo into the décor of a bathroom will both create a Zen environment and help you attract wealth. Anyone who enters the room will have a better shot at cultivating luck in anything they do.

Gold is one of the earth’s most precious elements. The color itself attracts goodness into our lives. In each corner of the bathroom, place a gold hued item to attract luck, wealth and harmony. Gold hued towels work just fine.

Bathroom Feng Shui

Incorporating a piece of raw wood in the form of a nicely stained plank or raw bark reminds us of our connection to the earth. This helps to ground us and establish the right priorities in our life. It can serve as a natural jewelry holder and is also a great conversation starter.

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Fill an antique bowl with crystals in your bathroom to ensure positivity and good luck. Citrine, amethyst and jade are beautiful core crystals that help bring good fortune to your life.

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Earth tones in a bathroom create a warm and nurturing feeling, while again reminding us that we are a part of the natural ecosystem. This reminder will help us stay on a solid path to fulfillment. It will also help us be better prepared for the curve balls life sometimes sends our way. Earth tones are a sign of wisdom and charm.

While moms all over the world have told their families to keep toilet lids down for sanitary reasons, there is also a bathroom feng shui element to this advice. Closing off the flow of energy where waste is disposed of helps the bathroom feel like a room where you can recover your sense of harmony.

Many families keep drains plugged in order to keep insects from crawling up through the pipes. While this is practical, open drains also deplete the room of positive energy and good fortune.

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