Bored with the way your house or office space looks these days and feeling down about it? So sprint to your nearest florist and buy some fresh floral arrangements and blooms to brighten things up. Studies have shown that having flowers in your home increases happiness and reduces depression and anxiety. A study by Harvard University reported that flowers in the home increased compassion and decreased negativity, while a Texas A & M University study found that flowers and plants in the workplace improve problem solving skills and increase creativity.

While interior designers know that there is nothing quite like the visual power of a vase filled with fresh flowers sitting on a table to just simply brighten up a room, we all should learn how to constantly incorporate flowers into our spaces so that we can improve our well-being. But where exactly should you start when it comes to floral design? According to Kelli Ellis, a design psychologist and frequent guest on TLC, as well as the author of Do I Look Skinny In This House says, “Put flowers where you’re going to see them often. It depends on what rooms you spend the most time in. For me, if I want to start my day off right, I have fresh flowers on my nightstand so that I see them as soon as I wake up. I put them in the bathroom and kitchen, too, since that’s where I spend most of my time. Think about the steps of your day and where you are the most. If you have a home office where you spend most of your day, it would make sense to put flowers or plants in there.”

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Brighter colored flowers are said to emit energy; yellows and oranges really pump up those feelings. According to the folks at The Flower Expert.com, every flower has their meaning. For instance, the white-colored Calla Lily symbolizes magnificence and beauty, while the yellow-colored Daffodil symbolizes regard and chivalry. Daffodils are indicative of rebirth, new beginnings and eternal life. But be aware that “a single daffodil foretells a misfortune while a bunch of daffodils indicate joy and happiness.”


When it comes down to choosing colors for floral arrangements, the experts say to stick to one color arrangement versus a rainbow one. “Try choosing flowers in a single color,” said Eric Buterbaugh, chief floral designer at The Bouqs, in an interview with Good HouseKeeping, “I think they’re more sophisticated and visually powerful. You don’t have to overthink it.” On the other hand, you also want to keep these beauties around for as long as you can, so it pays to think about how you care for them. Valerie Ghitelman, floral merchandising director at 1-800-Flowers, suggests putting your flowers in water as soon as you get home. Cutting the stems straight across to provide a wider surface for water to travel up the stem is also very important. Floral experts also suggest avoiding placing your fresh flowers in spots where they are drenched in dehydrating sunlight or a place that’s too close to heating or air-conditioning vent as well. Buterbaugh also advises re-cutting the stems and changing the water every two days for ultimate longevity.

Remember, the best thing a gal can do for herself is not wait for her beau to bring her flowers. And why do we always wait for special occasions to think about floral design? We should make our home look better for our guests than for ourselves every single day! Treat yourself to fresh blossoms today and watch your mood transform. Everything will soon be coming up roses.