We watched the presidential debate last night, with the first female moderator in twenty years. Following are some of the reactions of women on social media regarding gun control, single moms and being female. What is yours?

Democra-She ‏‪@DemocraShe

‪#Romney said a child raised by a single parent had a poor chance of life success. Ironically, he was sharing the stage with one! ‪#debate


What a pathetic man Obama is! Two women had to fall on a sword for him this week…Hillary & Candy Crowley! ‪@CNN

DC Debbie ‏‪@DCdebbie

Fact check: There were no women partners at Bain Capital during Romney’s time: ‪http://b.globe.com/TsdGxl  ‪#debate via Boston Globe

Sarah Rogerson@RogersonSarah

We need ballots full of women rather than binders. ‪@emilyslist #debate


Who has won the most debates in 2012 so far? Lady moderators. Thanks, @MarthaRddatz & ‪@CrowleyCNN. ‪#fem2 ‪#debate

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jamie murnane ‏‪@j_murn

I hate math but “100% of the American people” minus women, gays, students, the elderly, etc..is…not 100%, right? ‪#debate

Alexandra Petri@petridishes

Most importantly, I want all assault rifles to be raised in loving traditional two-parent homes ‪#debate


Dear Mitt: The VT shooter, the Columbine shooter, Dark Knight shooter, DC sniper… all from two parent families. Try again. ‪#Debate

Aubrey O’Day ‏‪@AubreyODay

So the answer to gun violence is no single moms? Thanks Romney. ‪#debate

Tara Ariano@TaraAriano

If I promise I won’t buy guns then can I have safe and accessible contraceptives? ‪#logic ‪#debate

Chloe Angyal ‏‪@ChloeAngyal

Guns don’t kill people. Single mothers kill people. ‪#debate

Katie Pavlich ‏‪@KatiePavlich

What has Obama done to keep AK-47s out of the hands of criminals? His DOJ gave 2500+ to Mexican cartels! ‪#fastandfurious ‪#debate

Elianne Ramos ‏‪@ergeekgoddess

RT ‪@leedsgarcia: How on earth did Romney go from assault weapons to 2-parent households in 1 answer? ‪#latism ‪#debate

Alisa Valdes ‏‪@MizAlisa

When Romney was bragging about hiring women, he actually said that to do so means employers must relax their standards. He wants to lose.

Maria Cardona@MariaTCardona

After lst nite “Binders full of women” “undoc illegals” ‪#Romney’s non answer on = Pay 4 = work & immigration, gender & Latino gap will grow!