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Marijuana Moms? They Exist & Demand Legalization

“Mom, pass the bong will ya?” Most can’t imagine posing such a question to their moms. Ever. Some mothers, though, may not mind it so much. While most associate ‘Mom’ as the antithesis of all things marijuana related, there…
2008 Barack Obama Elected First African American President-MainPhoto

Barack Obama Elected First African American President in 2008; Flashback

Barack Obama made history when he became the first African American elected president of the United States. Democrat Obama, a first-term Senator from Illinois, is the son of a black Kenyan father and a white American mother, and ran against…

Obama Re-Election: Latinos Will Hold President Accountable

Latinos descended on the nation’s capital from all over the country on Monday to see for themselves the country’s first-ever African American president get a chance to lead the country for a second term. Lily Griego, from Colorado,…

Obama We Voted For is Back in Stirring Inauguration Speech

Liberals and progressives who voted for Barack Obama in 2008, and again in 2012, took heart yesterday. On the steps of the U.S. Capitol, they heard the Barack Obama they voted for in 2008: the progressive Democrat who wasn’t afraid to…

Obama Takes His Second Oath of Office in the Long Shadow of Martin Luther King, Jr.

On one end of the Washington, DC Mall lies the U.S. Capitol building. On the other, the Abraham Lincoln Memorial.  And when Barack Obama takes his second oath of presidential office on Monday, January 21, it’s hard to imagine he won’t…

Latinos to Obama: It’s Payback Time

This past November, Latinos mobilized, volunteered and voted in record numbers. They helped put President Barack Obama back in office for another four years. And now, just like everyone else who supported him, they want Obama to address their…

The Great Disconnect: Latinas & Catholicism

I was born and raised Catholic. Uber Catholic, really. I was baptized at a month old, and remember being dragged to Sunday mass en español with my mom. I went to Catholic school throughout my education (even a Jesuit university!) and when…

The Latino Vote: Shaping Our Future

The day after the election a friend posted on my Facebook page, the “Latino Vote –unfrigginbelievable.” She’s right. Many factors contributed to President Obama’s re-election. But few are as important as the Latino vote. Hispanics…

Obama Victory Shows Energized Latino Voters Make a Difference

The record, double-digit turnout by Latino voters on Tuesday—seen by experts as tipping the election in favor of President Barack Obama—shows that the long-dubbed Sleeping Giant is wide awake. “It’s unequivocally clear now that…