Online Latina Moms view jobs and education—more so than immigration—as the top two most important issues in the upcoming presidential election, are concerned with “what’s wrong with America,” but are optimistic about the future and believe that “if Latinos stick together, we could change America for the better.” Jobs edged out education as the most important, by one percentage point. Health care came in third, followed by immigration.

These are among key findings of a major national study of Online Latina Moms on a wide-ranging number of topics released today by Mamiverse. The Mamiverse Study of Online Latina Moms and New Media, conducted in partnership with MediaFix, a multinational research firm, more than 1,000 English-dominant/bilingual Online Latina Moms ages 25-to-59, with at least one child between 3 and 18 years of age. The study provides clear insights into the evolving needs and expectations of this influential group of moms and their online habits. According to US Census figures, at 50.5 million strong, Latinos are the fastest growing consumer market in the US, with a projected purchasing power of 1.5 trillion dollars by 2015.

“As both a pivotal swing vote in the upcoming election, as well as a dynamic consumer, Latina moms are the most vital segment of the fastest growing demographic in America,” said Mamiverse founder and CEO Rene Alegria. “This study helps us understand how Latina moms are embracing technology and consuming content online. Finding that Latina moms are ultra tech savvy and prefer content with a strong Latina point of view, this data signals a major cultural audience shift for the future of digital media, and the brands attempting to reach this market.”

Online Latina Moms Study: Tech-Savvy, Culturally Focused & the New Swing Vote

According to Alegria, the findings in this study provide Mamiverse precise insight into this new face of America’s mom, and aids in shaping Mamiverse‘s content to better showcase stories, present information, and address issues important to Latina moms from around the nation.

“Painting a more precise picture of who Latina moms really are, how they think, and what they want for themselves and their families is now more important than ever,” says new Mamiverse contributing editor and political analyst Maria Cardona. “Latina moms are the bridge to this country’s demographic future.”

Mamiverse VP and Digital Content Director Sylvia Martinez agreed. “We know these women are tech-savvy, gadget-loving, and consume social media like nobody’s business,” Martinez said. “But the fact that almost 30 percent identify as neither Republican nor Democrat suggests that presidential candidates would be wise to court this influential group, particularly in the digital arena. Online Latina Moms will definitely play a major role in who the next President of the United States will be.”

Additionally, for Martinez, the findings confirmed that Latinas are equally rooted in American and Latino culture, with the majority feeling integrated and comfortable navigating both worlds. “While these women share some of the same desires as other moms, such as wanting their kids to have a better life, the study also reflects a concern among nearly half of Online Latina Moms that their children will lose touch with Latino culture,” she said. “Perhaps that’s why a strong majority (90 percent) go online in search of content with a decidedly Latino point of view.”

And while some findings jibed with other research, that Latinos over-index in TV viewing, for example, it revealed new information: 60 percent watch TV on a computer, tablet or smartphone; more than three-fourths own or use a laptop; and nearly 1 in 5 owns or uses a tablet like an iPad. In addition, more than 60% own or use a cell phone. Of that number, almost three quarters have a smartphone.

The study is the first for the six-month-old Mamiverse. “We thought it was important to share the results of this study to help paint a more accurate picture of who Online Latina Moms are,” said Alegria. “Empowering Latina moms and their families should not only be our aim, it should be America’s aim as well.”

Below are some of the many highlights of the Mamiverse Study of Online Latina Moms:

Jobs and Education were the most important issues in the upcoming presidential race for 6 out of 10.

• Health Care ranked as the third most important issue.

• Immigration ranked fourth.

• National Security rounded out the top five.

More than 95% have gone online looking for information on family entertainment, including recommendations and reviews for TV programs, movies and books.

• More than 85% of the moms go online to search for information to give their kids a competitive advantage.

• Nearly 50% are also worried about their children losing touch with Latino culture.

Online Latina Moms Study: Tech-Savvy, Culturally Focused & the New Swing Vote

• 75% of those surveyed own or use a laptop, with nearly 50% also owning or using a Smartphone.

• Almost 20% own or use a tablet. By comparison, 11% of general market owns a tablet, according to the Pew Research Center and The Economist Group.

• More than 60% of Online Latina Moms want a Latina point of view all of the time with regard to food, education, parenting, health, and work.

• More than three quarters prefer articles. Despite being avid Facebook users (90% visited Facebook within the past 30 days) and participating in other forms of social media (37% visited Twitter in the past 30 days), when looking for useful information online, they prefer to get it in the form of articles.

• The bottom line. More than 95% of the moms sampled log onto a computer to conduct comparison research, and to find information on products. They are also logging on to find bargains and deals on products and services they are thinking of purchasing, visiting related sites, on average, twice per week.

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Online Latina Moms Study: Tech-Savvy, Culturally Focused & the New Swing Vote


















Online Latina Moms Study: Tech-Savvy, Culturally Focused & the New Swing Vote









Online Latina Moms Study: Tech-Savvy, Culturally Focused & the New Swing Vote