During and after the presidential debate, Twitter was ablaze with remarks on the lameness of the moderator, with #poorjimlehrer trending all over cyberspace.

Curious as to what women had to say about the moderator and the speakers at the vice-presidential debate last night, here are some handpicked tweets by women.

Starting Point CNN ‏‪@StartingPtCNN
.@soledad_obrien tells ‪@EWErickson that he’s ‘lost his mind’ in criticizing moderator Martha Raddatz on losing control of ‪#VPDebate

GOPMommy ‏‪@gopmommy
Paul Ryan is the kid solving calculus problems on the blackboard. Joe Biden is the kid making fart sounds in the back of the room ‪#VPDebate

Molly McNearney ‏‪@mollymcnearney
If you mute the debate it’s just two guys smiling and laughing at each other. ‪#vpdebate

ShelbyKnox ‏‪@ShelbyKnox
I vote Martha Raddatz moderates the first presidential debate in 2016. Smart questions, smart follow-ups, smart woman. ‪#VPDebate

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Hilary Rosen ‏‪@hilaryr
Joe Biden won – not because he was aggressive which he was – but because he didn’t let Ryan get away with making stuff up. ‪#VPDebate

Tricia Rose ‏‪@ProfTriciaRose
2 debates now barely refer 2 women, even less on the poor & zero on ppl of color & saturating power group based discrimination. ‪#vpdebate

Mother Jones@MotherJones
Our perspective: There were two winners tonight. Martha Raddatz… and the American viewer! Great ‪#VPdebate, y’all.

Bree Essrig ‏‪@BreeEssrig
The real winner of the ‪#vpdebate is Martha. I hope she goes home tonight and gets white-girl-wasted.

Dana Loesch ‏‪@DLoesch
“What could you give to this country as a man?” WTF. ‪#vpdebate

Motivada Latina ‏‪@MotivadaLatina
Biden showed cojones tonight vs Ryan looked like he forgot his big boy pants ‪#VPdebate ‪#latism

Julie Diaz-Asper ‏‪@JulieDiazAsper
‪@ergeekgoddess missing q = why should we vote for you in 140 characters ? ‪#vpdebate ‪#latism

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