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The Negotiator: 10 Things to Consider When Asking for a Raise

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Doesn’t it drive you mad to think that you could be making twice or thrice as much money as you do now? You know how hard you work, you know how much of yourself you put into your job—so why, oh why, do we lowball ourselves and settle…

The Art of Battle Picking: 10 Ways to Know When it’s Time to Stand Your Ground

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Win some, lose some and sometimes, find middle ground. Life is a series of compromises, whether it’s a discussion with your spouse about vacation spots, an argument with your kids about bedtime, or a one on one with your boss about the latest…

Fast Tracking: 10 Ways to Double Your Salary in One Year

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The economy is getting better but times are still tough. While more people are working, fewer are working full-time in their chosen field and many are working multiple jobs just to stay afloat. The good news is that more and more jobs are…

12 Ways to Survive the August Slump at Work

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The dog days of summer make us feel like working less. There, we said it. And we’re willing to bet you you’re wondering how to stay motivated at work too. A 2011 Captivate Network study revealed that workplace productivity decreases 20%…

10 Ways Latina Moms Better Plan for Retirement

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It’s easy to get caught up in the moment when it comes to your finances. You have bills to pay now, items you want to buy now, priorities and goals for your family that need to be addressed NOW. But it is more crucial than ever to focus…

Stagnation Nation: 15 Ways to Tell if You Need a Career Change

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During the recent economic crisis people held on to their jobs for dear life. The fear of risking a steady income kept many workers from seeking more meaningful employment that was more relevant to their education. As the economy recovers,…

15 Ways to Master the To-Do List

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To do or not to do—that used to be the question. Now, the question is How can we make our daily to do list most effective? AsWinston Churchill once said: “Let your advance worrying become advanced thinking and planning.” While it’s…

10 Reasons Why Some Women Make Better Bosses

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It happened. You scored the promotion you so richly deserve. You’ll celebrate over the weekend and then starting Monday…wait, what? Monday? You’ll need time to get ready for this. Take a breath. You’ve got this. Just in case, here’s…

The Glam CV: 15 Tips to give your Resume a Makeover

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Look at your current resume and answer these questions: a. Do you still list your high school activities (Prom Queen is not a skill by the way)? b. Are you using a comic sans font? c. Is your resume three pages long? d. Does every sentence…