The dog days of summer make us feel like working less. There, we said it. And we’re willing to bet you you’re wondering how to stay motivated at work too. A 2011 Captivate Network study revealed that workplace productivity decreases 20% during the summer. Attendance goes down 19%, projects take 13% longer and employees are 45% more distracted. You can’t argue with those kinds of statistics—working in August is the pits. But why?

“Summer weather—especially the muggy kind—may also reduce both our attention and our energy levels. In one study, high humidity lowered concentration and increased sleepiness among participants. The weather also hurt their ability to think critically: the hotter it got, the less likely they were to question what they were told,” writes Maria Konnikova in the New Yorker. So between the heat and the distraction of knowing our kids are out of school and making mischief at home, surviving the August slump at work is tough. Here are 12 ways to hold on to your motivation at work.

1. Find something new.
Look for a new project to reinvigorate you or find an opportunity to get involved in a different aspect of your company. Since many people take vacations in August, it’s a great time to jump in and challenge yourself a bit.

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