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15 Things to Consider Before You Launch a Startup

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You’ve dreamt of the moment that your name appears as owner/founder/CEO of your own business. You envision mentoring others and sharing your inspiring stories. TLC is on the phone to discuss a reality show based on your life. Hold it. Daydream…

5 Ways to (Safely) Have the ‘I Need a Vacay’ Chat with Your Boss

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Ladies, we know just how hard it can be to ask for time off. It can be daunting to ask your boss for a day—much less a week—no matter how much you need it. It’s especially difficult if you’re just starting a new job or it’s a time…

15 Fun Ways Your Kids Can Earn Money this Summer

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Summer employment is great for kids, and jobs for teens can be a great way to rev up their accountability muscles. Summer jobs for teens can also help keep them in the spirit of responsibility and prepare them for the rigors of college. They…
6 Tips for Job Hunting in 2014-SliderPhoto

6 Tips for Job Hunting in 2014

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Job hunting sucks. With the unemployment rate for Latinos at 11%, chances are you, your partner or family member might be looking for work at some point, and will definitely become frustrated at the slim prospects. I know this firsthand, as…
how to write a good cover letter

How to Write a Cover Letter That Gets Their Attention

Although some people think the cover letter has seen better days, it definitely still plays an important role when you are applying for a job or even for a freelancing gig. The secret is to write a good cover letter that grabs a potential…
Why you should take risks at work

How to Take Risks at Work & Succeed

Taking risks at work can benefit you in the long run. It's no secret that women face a multitude of challenges in the workforce. Now a recent study by Catalyst confirms that working women are often evaluated on their performance while men…
5 Digital Resources to Help You Organize Your Job Search-MainPhoto

Digital Resources to Help Organize Your Job Search

It's time to stop the summer fun, the parties and nightlife. Summer's over after all, and you still don’t have a full-time job. Cada mochuelo a su olivo! If you've struck out looking for meaningful work over the last few months, it's time…
COSMO-Tips to Avoid Being Unemployed-SliderPhoto

Tips to Avoid Unemployment

The Latino unemployment went up once again, hitting 9.4 percent, significantly higher than the national average. As scary as that number may look, there are steps to take to make sure you don't become a part of that statistic. While these…

Why Success Takes More Than a College Degree

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I hope that all my kids will go to college and earn a degree. Yet I’m old enough—and hopefully wise enough—to know that a degree by itself is no guarantee of personal or professional success. For that reason, I’m already trying to…