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How to Write a Killer Resume: Avoid 6 Common Mistakes

If you are looking for a job or to advance in your career your resume represents you. That means, it is your one chance to get your foot in the door. So when it’s filled with errors or difficult to read, you can bet the person reviewing…

8 Ways to Succeed On the Job

If you’re determined to get a promotion, raise or even a better job this year, one thing you must ask yourself is: “How can I improve my employment opportunities?” Thankfully, it may be easier than you think to stack the deck in your…
Secret Santa Golden Rules

Secret Santa: 7 Golden Rules for Giving

When it comes to gift giving in the workplace, one of the most popular traditions is Secret Santa. Although participation is voluntary, you may find yourself caught in the middle of it when most of your co-workers draw a little paper from…

The Office Party: Do’s and Don’ts

The holiday season is in full swing and with it comes the annual office party. These are great occasions to extend your professional network as you hang out with old friends and meet some new faces from other areas of your company. Between…

7 Tips for Successful Freelancing

Successful freelancing is an art. Here are some tips that will help make that happen. I'm a die-hard freelancer—I´ve been doing it for three decades now—and, even though I sometimes complain about crazy deadlines and juggling several…

Telecommuting; What To Do When Your Family Doesn't Get It!

I'm a telecommutter. I work from home. But my family doesn't seem to get it! Mami expects me to be her caretaker. She expects me to move down South and fill the role of The Nanny, but with less leopard print. This is the master plan she's…

A Journalist’s Journey of Reinvention

The high school principal, voice shaky, eyes glimmering with tears, stood behind the podium. Letting bad teachers go was part of her job, she explained, the next words scraping against her throat. Letting good teachers go was just…painful.…

Three Steps to Negotiating the Pay Raise You Deserve

The number one mistake women make when asking for a pay raise is focusing on themselves instead of on the value they bring to their organizations. So take note: Do not make your pay raise request all about you, especially to your employer!…