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Sneaker Pimp: The Subtle Art of Chic and Comfy Shoes

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Do you find yourself wearing your sneakers a little too often lately since they are so in fashion? You are not alone. It seems every fashion blogger is pairing her Adidas Stan Smith’s with everything from jean skirts to dress slacks. But…

Bring the Floral Print into Your Wardrobe this Spring

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The bold floral print rules fashion this spring but it can be a little tricky to pull off — especially if you're more of a solids and color-blocking girl. Naturally our favorite style icon, Michelle Obama, showed us all how to do it in…

The 5 Best Sports Bras on the Market

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If you do any kind of workout you know how hard it can be to find really good sports bras. There's a reason! LaJean Lawson, a breast researcher and consultant for Champion Athletics explained to Racked, "There is no piece of clothing that…

Your New Go-To Lingerie Upgrade List

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Every woman needs to indulge in a lingerie upgrade now and then. When you're piling on layers to ward off winter chills, having something slinky and silky against your skin reminds you to channel your inner bombshell. As Senior Manager of…

Summer to Fall Fashion : 15 Pieces You Need in Your Closet

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There's something extra special about transitional fall fashion. Perhaps it's because adding layers gives you so much more variety. Perhaps it's because adding layers is so much less stressful than the start of spring and revealing what's…

Chromatic Curation: What Colors Should I Wear and Why?

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Instead of, 'What should I wear?' you might want to ask, 'What colors should I wear?' We've come a long way from figuring out which season we are á la Carol Jackson's '80s bestseller Color Me Beautiful. Beyond choosing clothes that flatter…

Shape Shifting: How to Win at Bra Fitting and Pick the Perfect Bra for Your Shape

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We've all heard about the importance of proper bra fitting, and it makes perfect sense, but few of us actually take the time to be professionally fitted. In fact, last year Jockey reported that, "53 percent of women have never been professionally…

Layer Power: How to Use Them for Ultimate Winter Clothes Chic

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When the first days of spring arrive, and the shedding of clothing begins, a feeling of nostalgia for winter with all its necessary, yet elegant layering inevitably sets in for some. That special kind of dressing ritual, which requires several…

Corporate Couture: 15 Essential Tips for Looking Chic at Work

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When thinking about clothes for women at the office, sensible and power suit are two of the first things that come to mind. Even in today's more enlightened times women are still only paid, on average, 78₵ for every dollar her male counterpart…