When the first days of spring arrive, and the shedding of clothing begins, a feeling of nostalgia for winter with all its necessary, yet elegant layering inevitably sets in for some. That special kind of dressing ritual, which requires several different combinations of warm clothing pieces to cover our skin from the cold outside. Whether it’s leather leggings, or patterned wool tights that do it for you, sexy sweater dresses, billowy capes, big boyfriend sweaters, long bulky scarves, high boots, low boots, cotton turtle necks, fedoras, or a pair of long leather gloves, it’s fun to mix it all up to get through those long winter months.

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Yet somehow in winter, everyone looks well dressed. And now that fur and faux fur are a hot detail this cold winter season, we can feel like a scene right out of Anna Karenina. “Fur is a great way to stay warm without sacrificing glamour,” says Canadian designer, Linda Lundstrom. “Both earthy and glamorous, what else can give you the air of a rock priestess and an elegant icon all at once?…it’s perfect for bundling up and sumptuous layering and nothing can take your look “from zero to heroine faster that a swath of fur.”

A winter heroine also needs a cape to go with her outfit. Making for the ideal winter layering piece, what better than a wraparound or a yummy poncho thrown over a hefty ribbed turtleneck or a luxurious cashmere sweater?

Sometimes you need two scarves, the one you wear inside the restaurant and the one outside. The one inside should be light weight, easy to tie and loop, perhaps made of a silk-cotton blend. In turn, the scarf you wear on the outside should be wool, big and bold color, to shield you from a storm. Like this bright green scarf to wear with your black or navy coat.

Playering or playing while layering with textures when constructing an outfit is also a fashion art. Try a beautiful silk blouse that will actually keep you warm in the winter, under a button down sweater. Lightweight silk-knit shirts in neutral tones are perfect for wearing under blazers. If you desire a more structured, military look this winter, try a jacket over jacket look.  Throw on a short denim jacket buttoned up to the top and add a big, long wool coat over it.

Try limiting your layers to three or max four including your coat. The key to not looking potato sack bulky is to make sure your bottom layer is made from a lightweight fabric and is a snug fit. Tank tops or a tight long sleeve cotton shirt, followed by a knit and topped with a jacket is always a safe way to go when you don’t have time to think in the morning. So whether you go wild with fur or animal prints, or stick to more elongating dark-colored solids this season, go ahead and pile it on, and have fun in the winter sun.