If you do any kind of workout you know how hard it can be to find really good sports bras. There’s a reason! LaJean Lawson, a breast researcher and consultant for Champion Athletics explained to Racked, “There is no piece of clothing that is more difficult to design well than a sports bra … You have to think about sweat, support, chafing, straps, slippage, and then looking cute.” We’ve made it easier for you to find your perfect sport bra by rounding up five of the best ones on the market.

1. Nike Pro
Nike Pro sports bras cover all the bases: comfort, moisture wicking and looking cute. The Nike Pro series comes in a range of fits, styles and support levels so it’s a breeze to find the ideal one for your needs. The Nike Pro 360 Fit System makes it even easier for you to get the best fit — just enter your measurements online and it calculates your sport bra size.

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2. Under Armour Eclipse
If you’re looking for a sleek, minimal style, the UA Eclipse is the ultimate in comfort and seamless mid-level support. It’s got an ultra-tight fit, an open back with adjustable cross-cross straps and it wicks away moisture like a champ.

3. Athleta Chi
Have you ever wished sports bras looked sportier and less obvious? The Chi sport bra is based on Athleta’s popular Chi tank-top and it’s another clean, seamless option with more coverage for lower-impact workouts. An added bonus — it’s made from recycled plastic bottles so each one you buy saves eight bottles from landfills.


4. Victoria’s Secret Sport
On the opposite end of the spectrum, Victoria’s Secret has a fabulous collection of sexy yet practical sports bras. Their in-depth online Fit Quiz makes it a snap to find something that fits like a glove, has the right support for your workout and looks gorgeous.

5. Enell
Voluptuous women have an extra hard time finding a sports bra that will really keep the girls in check without looking like a bulletproof vest. Enell has the best sport bra for C-cups and above. It’s lingerie-inspired design adds a flirt factor without showing too much skin and the fully-structured support is deceptively light and airy.


Bonus: Booby Trap Bras
After being attacked on a jogging trail, Jennifer Cutrona was inspired to create sports bras that come with protection. The Just in Case Knife Bra and Just in Case Pepper Spray Bra were born. Both are designed with hidden weapon sheaths in the front so you can defend yourself at a moment’s notice.