Large & In Charge: 14 Ways to Rock Maternity Looks Without Breaking the Bank

What’s the secret to finding cheap maternity clothes that will look cute, feel great and slightly resemble the way you used to dress before you were smuggling a 30-pound basketball in your belly? After all, when you get pregnant you kiss…

Haute Now: 15 Trends We Loved from NYC’s Fashion Week

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In September, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week took New York by storm with fresh, exuberant Spring 2015 collections. From Gwen Stefani's return to the tents with her latest L.A.M.B. collection, a tribal print with a Jamaican vibe mashup, to Jenny…

Getting Leggy: 11 Ways to Rock Tights This Season

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On October 27, 1939 the DuPont company sold the first pairs of nylon stockings in Wilmington, Delaware where they instantly sold out. It was the beginning of a fashion revolution—in some cases literally as nylons became scarce during WWII.…

Feeling Stumped? 13 Visual Tips on How to Make Long Legs

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Ready for some tips on how to make long legs? What woman doesn’t yearn for leaner, longer legs and wonder if there’s some way to make them look longer? It begins around the time we get our first Barbie and continues as we graduate to…

Flat Out Right: 12 Reasons Why Wearing Flats is the Future

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It’s finally happened—the fashion world has embraced comfortable footwear! Women’s flats made a big splash on fall runways this year. From luxe pool slides to fashion sneakers to ballet flats and beyond, they’re not just for weekends…

Skirting the Issue: 14 Ways to Wear Skirts Long After Summer

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It happens every three months—just when you’ve carefully curated the perfect array of flattering skirts and found just the right pieces to pair them with, it’s a new season and an entirely different weather pattern. Well don’t start…

Goth Heart: 9 Fashion Trends We Learned from Morticia Addams

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The notoriously bored and charming Morticia Addams from the cult classic The Addams Family has unknowingly become a fashion icon over the years. From Zac Posen to Rick Owens, we’ve seen more than a few celebs and designers do it Morticia…

Shifting Chic: 10 Must-Have Items to Take Your Wardrobe Into Fall

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With autumn upon us, it’s important to add a few fall wardrobe essentials that will take you through the change of season. Now, we’re not saying you need to revamp your entire closet just because the weather is cooling, but you should…

Leg Room: 14 Ways to Rock Leggings this Fall/Winter Season

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Leggings are a perennial wardrobe staple for many of us. They’re usually inexpensive and are always comfy, easy to pull on no matter your body type and perfect for layering in transitional weather. There was definitely a time when we felt…