Sugar Detox : How to Curb Your Sweet Tooth-MainPhoto

Sugar Detox : How to Curb Your Sweet Tooth-Photo2

Some people prefer to tackle their sugar addiction in stages and that works too, if you can keep yourself from slipping back into old habits. You don’t need to give up all sugar. Coconut sugar, palm sugar, stevia and honey (in moderation) are better than refined white sugar. Most experts agree that naturally occurring sugars in fruits and vegetables are A-OK unless you need to monitor your blood glucose carefully.

There are a few ways to make your sugar detox less painful. Eat complex carbs like whole grains for sustained energy that keeps cravings at bay. Load up on naturally sweet fruits and veggies like berries, carrots and sweet potatoes. Of course those won’t completely satisfy your sweet tooth but they will dull the pain.

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