FOX Logo-ReducedShakira’s new baby boy is making its photo debut online.

A snapshot of her new bundle of joy, Milan, whom she shares with soccer star boyfriend, Gerard Piqué, appeared in the couple’s UNICEF webpage. Fans are allowed to see the image if they donate contributions to children living in poverty, People is reporting.

In the photograph, Piqué is cradling and kissing the two-week-old baby, who sleeping.

The Colombian hip-shaking singer took to Twitter to encourage her fans to go to Piqué’s UNICEF webpage.

“Visit our @Unicef #Babyshower to see the 1st pic of my 2 angels & help underprivileged babies  Shak,” Shakira tweeted in both English and Spanish.

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Milan was born in  Barcelona on Jan. 22.

“We hope that, in his name, other less privileged children in the world can have their basic needs covered through gifts and donations,” Shakira and Piqué wrote on the website.

“Thank you for sharing this unforgettable moment with us.”

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