Conference calls, brainstorming sessions, client meetings and diaper changes…one of these things is not like the other. Or is it? If you think that the words baby and work don’t go together, think again. Once upon a time women had to make a choice between motherhood and careers outside the house. You stay home and raise the kids or you go to the office and put on your business hat. But what if you could do it all? What if you could be a working mom and bring your kid to work? We’ll let that sink in.

Bringing children to work is becoming more and more common in today’s business world, whereas in the past it used to be more of a last-resort scenario. But now some companies are warming up to the idea of having kids around the office not just on emergency days, but every day. According to Forbes, “Having the baby in the office actually eases the stress of worrying about how the baby is doing somewhere else. It also gives new parents a built-in support system of coworkers, willing to scoop up a baby if mom or dad needs to jump into a meeting.” Now, before you install an ExerSaucer next to your desk chair, check out these tips to see when it’s appropriate to bring your kid to work.

It is okay to bring your kid to work when…

1. Your company policy allows it.
Check to see if your company has a babies-at-work initiative. They’re not as rare as you might think. According to the Parenting Workplace Institute fact sheet, “More than 2,100 babies in more than 180 organizations have been successfully brought to work,” in the Babies at Work program.

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